Prince Edward Island(s) Charlottetown Colonial Postmark


Prince Edward Island 2p Blue Victoria

I recently received this nice Prince Edward Island stamp. Cancelled stamps form PEI are generally scarcer than their mint counterparts. This stamp, Scott No. 6, the 2p blue Victoria is also unusual in that an actual date stamp was used to cancel it, rather than the more usual killer bars, duplex cancels, or cork cancels.

Unusual is that the colony name has “islands”, incorrectly in the plural form. The cancel was applied in 1872. The month and day are not visible,  but on January 6th, 1872, Prince Edward Island switched to decimal currency. This would seem to indicate late usage of a pence issue, but there may have been an overlapping grace period.

Using AutoCAD software, I was able to superimpose the cancels over the stamp and create a separate image.


Charlottetown Prince Edward Islands


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