Canadian NHL Stamps Released Early


Vancouver Canucks stamp booklet


Ottawa Senators stamp booklet

It seems that some booklets of stamps, planned to be released on September 3, 2013 by Canada Post, were accidentally sold early by some post offices. There are seven different booklets of of ten 63c stamps, one for each Canadian NHL team. The teams are the Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple leafs, Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks.

A seller on eBay has had them for sale since mid-August.

The Vancouver Canucks and Ottawa Senators booklets are shown here.

Another seller even has six of the seven cancelled well before the intended date of issue:


NHL stamps cancelled before the official date of issue

I inquired about the release on the Canada Post Facebook page and the following was posted on August 29, 2013:

“Canadian Stamp Collecting/Collectionneurs de timbres canadiens Thanks for bringing this [NHL pre-release] to our attention. We’re aware of this situation, we’re investigating and taking action to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We’re also reminding post offices about the importance of respecting on sale dates, which in this case, for the NHL stamps, is September 3, 2013.”

You heard it here first, at!

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